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Hans Hansson | February 4, 2008

How many times have you told yourself that after dealing with everyday customer service from large businesses, you would not do it again? These last couples of days have been brutal for me and with what is going on regarding customer service on a bigger picture is frightening; and to see how these businesses continue to compete long term is even more frightening.

My first experience occurred with Comcast. I decided to switch my home phone service to Comcast. Comcast has been heavily advertising their phone service offering savings as well as service. Ordering the phone switch was easy from that point on it was a disaster. The phone service was switched only to find out that the phone did not ring after the installers had just left. I called Comcast and the customer service person told me that this could happen and that it would take 48 hours to resolve. Next I asked them how to I set up voice mail so that least pick up my messages while the problem with the ring is fixed. She indicated that all I had to do was press star 99 of course that did not work. Calling customer service back I learned that to solve this problem it could take an additional 72 hours. So now I have no phone that either rings or can get pick up voice mail. I next asked to speak to a supervisor; I am now on the phone for twenty minutes. The supervisor confirms that they cannot do anything and that problems do occur and its not Comcast's fault and that I have to be patient. He offered no credit, no help, nothing. Does the above sound familiar.

What has big business done to itself? No one up the customer service chain has any ability to make a decision that will make the customer happy anymore. It's all about following the book.

Looking at the bigger picture have we made a mistake in this country allowing all of the business mergers to occur? Have we created such large businesses that they are so big that they can survive without serving their clients? It's not like a small business can go into the cable business to compete. ATT wants to compete for cable business but they are as bad if not worst then Comcast.

Thank goodness for small independent firms that survive on providing service. This year I will be looking at candidates for President that will speak to the need to support small independent business and that question the need to allow large scale business mergers to occur. Otherwise the consumer will continue to pay with bad service and get more and more frustrated.
Posted 11 years, 11 months ago on February 4, 2008
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