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Hans Hansson | September 10, 2007

As a salesperson in commercial real estate I believe that I am also a salesperson selling my city. Without a strong belief in my city there is no way that I can properly present my city to prospective firms looking at off icing there.

I believe that living on the west coast offers me certain disadvantages over my peers on the east coast. Today more than ever the West coast is made of a majority of transplants from other parts of the world. On the east coast you have more people that have generational ties to their homeland than we do. As a result civic pride is harder to find on the west coast.

Recently Mayor Bloomberg has started a new campaign promoting New York pride. He is asking New Yorkers to be friendly to its tourists, be helpful in anyway. Unlike New York, San Francisco has virtually ignored its large tourist industry in this way. How, by failing to rally its citizenry to take pride in its city.

What can be done? First it needs to clean itself by promoting litter campaigns directly to its citizens. Here in a city that promotes itself as being progressive tries to solve its cleanliness problem by penalizing businesses, such as its plastic bag charge campaign. It is not these businesses that are causing the waste it is not even the average customer, it's the people that simply drop their garbage on the street because they simply don't care.

Cities across America are competing for tourist dollars, competing for businesses that are looking for the best place to office their business. The winners will be the city that puts out the best "friendly" city size.

As salespeople we need to act as advocates for our cities. We need to get involved through our Chamber of Commerce's, through our government or start our own initiatives.

As a result of your efforts you will be awarded both directly and indirectly with benefits for promoting civic pride. People and firms will take notice of your efforts and when it comes time to needing your services they will be reminded of whom to work with.
Posted 12 years, 4 months ago on September 10, 2007
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Re: Take Advantage of Promoting Civic Pride
I really liked your take on being a realtor. It makes me wish more realtors were like you! :)

2007/09/14 by Flat Fee Realty Louisville wwwReply
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