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Hans Hansson | June 26, 2007

It is hard to believe but we are fast approaching the middle of the year; and, now is the time to perform some important tasks to insure that you have a strong productive year when it comes to an end.

1) Review what your goals and objectives were at the beginning of the year and see where you are.

Am I hitting the sales numbers I was hoping for? Have I succeeded in my marketing efforts? Have I improved my networking skills that I decided to do this year? There are a number of questions that you may need to address and make sure you are accomplishing what you set out to do at the beginning of the year.

2) Clean out your desk and your computer.

Most of us wait until the end of the year to throw out old files, update new ones; and, yet a slow computer and a messy desk never enhanced one's production. Start with your emails by deleting old sent and saved files you no longer need. Clean up your contact lists and get rid of old Word, Excel and PowerPoint files you no longer need. All of this will make your computer go faster and make it easier in the future to find things on it. Clean your desk off and start with a clean slate.

3) Work on your Appearance

Time to check on your health. Are you working out? How are you holding up during the day? How are you dressing these days? Appearance is everything in a competitive business environment. Spending some time assessing your appearance and your overall health is key to having the confidence and physical ability to perform on a daily basis at your full capacity.

4) Work on your Social Being

Mid-year is as important a reflection time as New Years. How are you doing personally? Are you happy? How's your family? How's your love life? In order to play full out in business you have to be happy inside. In today's fast paced life we never take the time anymore to ask this very important question... Are you happy inside?

5) Are you growing in your career

Is your career declining or growing? Are you on autopilot or on risk taking mode? What are you doing to improve your current career situation? Mid-year is a great time to address ways to improve your career. Look for classes to take, join organizations that will allow for career growth, maybe, seek a mentor. Take time to talk to someone that you regard as above your career standing. Get to know these people better and find out what they did in their careers to move ahead.

Mid-year tune-ups are often overlooked, but the key to the most successful and happiest people are those that consistently evaluate and take the necessary steps to constantly grow in their lives. One of the most important lessons in business I learned from an old boss of mine was "if you do not consistently grow your business and your knowledge you have started down the road of the eventual failure of both you and your business."
Posted 12 years, 7 months ago on June 26, 2007
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Re: Time for your Mid-Year Tune-Up
It's always a good idea to get reorganized, whether you are in real estate or not. Thanks for the reminder!

2007/07/22 by FSBO Louisville wwwReply
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