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Hans Hansson | May 29, 2007

My grandmother had some simple quotes that seemed to explain so much about how we live and should live. One great quote was "If our body had a choice we would not get up in the morning". It's true isn't it? If it were not for our mind telling us, most of the time forcing us to get up, we would rather sleep some more or simply lie there.

This same response is how most of us deal with each day of our lives. We let our body direct our mind and we, most of the time, follow our body. The effect on our production can be dramatic. If you are not in shape, for instance, I doubt whether your mind will win the battle with your body if your mind suggested today that you are going to cold call in person and meet at least 25 new clients today.

If you partied hard the night before, I doubt whether your mind would win the battle with your body if your mind suggested that we should get in the office earlier today to get everything off our desk so that we can have more time to cold call on the phone.

How about changing the ways you do your business? You know that one of your biggest weaknesses is that you need to get organized. This will require making fundamental changes in your approach each day. Your body may be ready for these changes but your mind does not want to deal with it so you don't.

You decide that you will create a business plan for yourself that will create more discipline in your approach. It will include concentrating your efforts on very specific tasks everyday to implement this new business plan. Your body is ready but your mind fails to deliver.

You attend a sales seminar and you hear some good advice and tips that you want to implement yet when you leave the seminar the excitement of change and the desire to implement change slowly fades away. The only way you could make these changes happen is if your body and mind are one.

This obviously is not easy. First your body has to be fine-tuned. If you are tired and out of shape, change will not sustain itself. If you don't train your mind to stay sharp and force your mind to constantly stay focused to your desires it will fail as well.
Posted 12 years, 8 months ago on May 29, 2007
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