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Starboard TCN Worldwide Commercial Real Estate | December 6, 2005

The San Francisco Giants recently announced that they had signed pitcher Jeff Fassero to a contract for 2006. Jeff, 44, and 45-year-old Juan Franco of the Atlanta Braves will be the two oldest players in baseball next year. On the eve of turning 50, I view these two men as my heroes. Their ability to compete against a much younger, more athletic group of players at the top of their game is a tribute to their focus and determination to be the very best, even though they have long since passed the average age of a successful baseball player.

Being a successful salesperson requires the discipline to be organized and the ability to successfully multitask. Successful salespeople take chances with their time while focusing on serving the client through to the conclusion of a deal. In the process, they use a vast amount of energy.

Success in sales starts with a successful body. If you are not physically fit, you are at a serious competitive disadvantage. You may have all the other characteristics of success, but without physical stamina, you will be unable to keep up with your more successful peers, particularly as you age.

A recent article in Men's Health magazine, "The Aristocrat of Cardio," makes the case that not only does 30 minutes of aerobic exercise improve a person's heart, it also improves brainpower. The article discusses a study first performed in 1991 that proposed that the more complex a mental task is, the more beneficial the effect of aerobic exercise is on a person's mind. This study initiated a series of studies that concluded that 30 minutes of some sort of aerobic exercise-jogging, biking, or walking-every other day dramatically improves a person's focus and ability to concentrate.

What's interesting is how few of us are truly committed to this simple charge. At TCN conventions, I always know who will show up at the gym in the early morning even after a late night of partying. Former chairman Herb Agin is a prime example of an individual who is constantly working on staying at the top of his game physically. He has adhered to a set program of exercise throughout the years; the results are noticeable. He can walk into a room and still have the burst of energy he needs not only to perform but to lead.

Exercise is like cold calling: You must schedule it like an appointment. You must stick with that appointment and never break it. I exercise five days a week: On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I work with weights, stretch, and do 30 minutes of aerobic exercise. The whole routine takes a little over an hour. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I do different weight exercises for a total of 30 minutes, with no aerobics. I exercise in the morning before work. I enter the gym by 7:00, leave by 8:15, and am at work by 8:45. I vary my workout every month to keep it interesting.

The Men's Health article ends with a great statement: "Think of aerobics as building sweat equity in yourself. It's truly a no-brainer."
Posted 14 years, 3 months ago on December 6, 2005
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Re: Improve Productivity in 30 Minutes
I have enjoyed your comments over the last several months-you have a good business sense and speak out on your experience with real estate in the San Francisco area!!

New to Portland, I have seen the same issues of over taxing of the business and industries which provide for long-term families/community viability. Perhaps the correct word is sustainability! Apply that word to the enhancement of business, industry and family housing and place them on the priority list. The other developments will take care of themselves.

2005/12/13 by Edward • • Reply
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