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Alex Popov | November 14, 2005

I'm not one for more government regulation, but discovering a new SF City ordinance made me stop and think.

A client of mine owns several buildings in San Francisco and one building he owns would be an ideal location for a national coffee shop like Peets or Starbucks. One national chain expressed a great deal of interest in this location. However, upon further review, we got "Kyboshed" (shot down) after discovering a "Formula Business Ordinance" that would prevent big chains from coming into the neighborhood.(

"San Francisco's formula business Ordinance adds formula businesses to the list of uses that require neighborhood notification under city law. Residents will be notified whenever a formula retail business applies to open in their neighborhood. They will then have the option of requesting a public hearing and subjecting the applicant to a list of criteria."

At first blush this seemed like more red tape, but in fact, I can see the benefit of this Ordinance in ensuring neighborhood diversity and charm. We have already received a lot of interest from other local companies who are willing to pay comparable rent as a national chain.

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Posted 14 years, 5 months ago on November 14, 2005
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