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Alex Popov | November 7, 2005

Two interesting Internet related transactions worth noting:

1. "Seattle-based HouseValues (NASDAQ: SOLD) has acquired San Francisco-based The Loan Page, an online mortgage lead acquisition company, for an undisclosed price. Based on its traffic and where we are with the housing market, we wonder if the sale of the Loan Page wasn't a fire sale for HouseValues. The Loan Pages' traffic is half what it was in the Summertime. Just a hunch." See Alarm:Clock


2. Zip gets ZAPPED! Shares of Zip Realty slumped $4.74, or 36 percent, to $8.43 on the Nasdaq, where it was the biggest percentage loser. Zip went public in November of 2004 at $13 per share. The California broker missed its own estimates. See SJ Mercurynews article

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Posted 14 years, 4 months ago on November 7, 2005
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