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Hans Hansson | December 13, 2011

With the holiday season fast approaching along with the end of 2011, we as salespeople are trying to conclude our last deals of the year to get our end of year numbers up. We are also thinking about all of the things we said we were going to accomplish at the beginning of the year that may or may not have worked out. We are also starting to pay attention to ways to improve production for next year. So here is my Christmas list to you the salesman:

1) An iPad or any tablet - The tablet is a game changer; I own an iPad and I make all my sales presentations on it. I connect to my office regularly and have integrated all aspects of my business and personal life into this machine. You will not be able to live without it I promise you that.

2) A 4G phone - I own the new Android Bionic from Verizon, this smart phone functions at 4G speed and coupled with the enhanced camera features has made my life far more efficient. It is worth making the upgrade even if you have to pay full price.

Now, a dose of education to improve your skills: For all of the top-notch trainers that are out there, the one program that remains on the top of the list is Dale Carnegie Training. As their web site says they "produce behavior change, build essential competencies, and tune up business skills". I took my first Dale Carnegie course over 30 years ago and after all of the courses I have taken I still regard Dale Carnegie the best. No matter how successful a salesperson may be, everyone needs to spend time each year retooling his or her skills to continuously improve.

Finally you need to find something to do that gives back to society. Yes you can write a check to support a charity but what I am talking about is actually doing something yourself for someone else. As a salesperson you have a gift to communicate, it is such a valuable asset that can also be used to promote a worthwhile cause. Find one and get involved: this will be your very best present under the tree.

Have a wonderful holiday season.
Posted 7 years, 8 months ago on December 13, 2011
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Re: Gifts for Under the Tree to Enhance Production Next Year
I love your blog, you should add an RSS feed feature so I can get automatic notifications of new blogs. If you set one up please email me! I will bookmark you for now. Again Excellent Blog!

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