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Hans Hansson | October 6, 2011

Not since the introduction of the smart phone has there been a device that is truly a game changer in terms of the ways one can now do business; the mobile tablet is that device. I was certain that one day I would be walking around with one device that would serve as my phone as well as my computer, which is what my Android phone has become. The thought once occurred to me that I would no longer have to carry anything but a phone in my pocket but the mobile tablet is worth carrying around.

What the tablet has become for me is a connection device for use with my clients, office and co-workers. It has also given me tools that I can use to make myself far more efficient. I would like to share with you the tools that I use that have truly improved my efficiency. I personally use an ipad but most applications that I will be describing here can also be found on other mobile tablet platforms.

I will start with the programs I use the most.

First I have three programs that connect to my office server: Mail, Tasks and Contacts. For my mail I use the ipad mail application, for my tasks I use TaskTask HD and for my contacts I use the ipad application. All three synch perfectly with speed. To connect remotely to my desktop in my office I use RDP; a program that allows you to post your IP address and connect directly to any desktop machine you want.

Next I use two note programs. The first is the notes app that comes with the ipad. I use this as my notepad to list all calls I receive and any notes I am taking. This is a great program because you can search for anything. The next notes program I use is neu.Notes, which allows me to create sketches and well as notes. This is a useful tool as a real estate agent as I am constantly drawing hypothetical floor plans for my clients.

Other programs that are very useful include the following:

Go to Meeting – This allows me to participate in go to meetings while I am out of the office.

Intrix Traffic and Navi – These two programs provide traffic updates as well as instant navigation capabilities whether I am driving or walking.

Drop Box – This program allows me to get files, photos and presentations from my staff.

Linkedin & Facebook – These allow me to have a mobile reference database as well as stay in touch with clients and friends.

TED – This program has excellent speakers on a variety of topics that you can listen to based upon the amount time you have available. If you have a spare ten minutes, set the time and the program will find topics and speakers that fit within that time limit.

Bloodhound – This program gives updates on national events depending our your points of interest.

If you have not yet purchased a mobile tablet but are planning to, the above programs will make your purchase worth it. If you are an experienced mobile tablet user please share programs that you have used and enjoyed.
Posted 7 years, 11 months ago on October 6, 2011
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