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Hans Hansson | June 27, 2011

At the 2011 Real Estate Finance and Investment Conference in New York, members of commercial capital markets were debating whether the next commercial real estate bubble is imminent. Across the country investors are falling over themselves as they did in the last 'up market' and are looking to invest in commercial real estate. At issue is where the upside to support these investments is coming from.

In the end, rents are tied to job growth. Currently, the United States is experiencing a very nimble job recovery with some evidence that the job market could be entering negative growth once again. Ethan Penner, President of CBRE Capital Partners suggested that the Feds are once again leading the industry down the same path that led to the economic downturn in the mid 2000's. Penner stated "It is incredible to me that we mistakenly believe that pumping untold amounts of liquidity into the market is the answer to the problem to get asset values up".

In the San Francisco Bay Area market we are seeing an increase in job growth through the tech sector, which in turn has given life to its commercial office market. Rental rates are rising in the face of increased demand, which is due to job growth. Without job growth vacancies will continue to remain high and values should remain low. The capital markets see things in a different way. They have large sources of money needed to invest; therefore hyping commercial real estate investment makes sense to them. The problem is that hyping this market could in fact lead to another economic downturn that could be far worse than the last because there is less financial strength behind our current economy to absorb a downturn.
Posted 8 years, 2 months ago on June 27, 2011
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Re: Is the Next Commercial Real Estate Bubble Coming Soon?
Slow or fast, as the economy rises and the market goes up, more and more apartment buildings are being sold. We have a website called which lets investors buy and sell apartment buildings for free. I invite you all to look at the site.

2011/06/29 by Anonymous wwwReply
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Re: Is the Next Commercial Real Estate Bubble Coming Soon?
I have seen a good demand for industrial space to lease.
Everything I have been working on has either been leased or has created a great deal of interest. I am having a hard time finding suitable space for prospective tenants.

2011/06/30 by Mort Rothman • • Reply
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