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Hans Hansson | February 15, 2011

Father Harry once said 'Life consists of three things: The past, which is the past, the future, which is the future, and the present which is called the present because it is a gift.'

I recently had the chance to tour a famous retired NFL quarterback who was looking for space. The broker representing the client indicated that when I saw him I recognize him and to please not ask for his autograph. To me, he represented the greatest quarterback of all time and I was honored to meet him. Yet, when I came back to the office and mentioned who I met, I actually had some agents young enough to never see this player play and in one case didn't know his name.

Ronald Reagan would be 100 years old this year and the media have brought up his life many times in recent weeks. President Obama read his memoirs during his Christmas holiday. Yet again, there is now a whole generation that has entered the workforce that has no knowledge of Ronald Reagan's presidency.

Father Harry's point was that your past, whether successful or not, and your future, which could be viewed as hopeful or uncertain, mean nothing. Only the present does. As salespersons we need to reflect each day on what opportunities we have to close business today. Your past may have opened up these opportunities for today's close and today's close may open up opportunities for closings in the future but today's close is the only thing that matters right now.

There is the old adage "What have you done for me lately". Once you have closed a deal it is in the past. You can celebrate that close but in very short time it will be a distant memory. This is why it is so important that have "engines" behind each business pillar you use to generate new business. Make sure that you regularly review what is working and what is not working with regard to securing new business; what worked before is now in the past and what you think will work in the future is in fact, the future, and all that matters is what is working today.
Posted 8 years, 7 months ago on February 15, 2011
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