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Hans Hansson | December 15, 2010

By the time you read this article we will be in the middle of December. As a salesperson you are thinking about Christmas and New Years and the fact that business has slowed down. You now have a choice; take time off for yourself and your family, or, take advantage of one of the best times of the year to develop new business.

My first real estate broker used to tell me the best time to cold call is after five o'clock. After five you have a better chance getting a hold of a decision maker who is winding down their day. The same logic applies for the holidays; during this time most business owners or decision makers are not at home but rather winding down their year and planning for next year. Unlike any other time in the year, you have the best chance to stop by and visit a potential client or get them on the phone.

December is also the best time to get tenants who are looking for space out on tour in the first quarter when they actually have time to tour. Have you noticed since this economic downturn occurred how difficult it is to get a decision maker to make a tour? All businesses have cut back, forcing the office manager, CFO and CEO to take on double duty in a variety of roles, which leaves them no time to tour new office spaces even though they need to.

I have a client now that needs to move by January 15th and while the office manager is touring with me, the final decision maker is flying around the country and trying to make office space decisions by photos but it does not work.

So with the holidays coming—make a decision to enjoy yourself and your family and line up business for next year.
Posted 8 years, 9 months ago on December 15, 2010
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Re: December: Time to go on vacation or time to kick it in
I agree with you, especially in the real estate industry. Most people prefer to wait until spring to buy or sell a house, but what they don't realize is that winter is a good time to do real estate business. For sellers, winter is a great time to stage a house in time for Christmas. For buyers, the holidays mean less competition for the house that you might have your eye on.

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