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Hans Hansson | October 6, 2010

For most of us 2010 has shaped up to be a year very similar to 2009; lots of uncertainty, lack of available cash, and lack of available bank credit. For salespeople it has been a very challenging last two years. If you are still in the business of sales, congratulations! You have survived, for now. But more challenges are ahead and if you do not recommit yourself to certain basic rules and beliefs you still can fail no matter what level of sales performance you typically achieve.

By the time you read this article you will have less than three months remaining in 2010. With the holidays fast approaching; we are possibly looking at a two month dead period. What each of us needs to do starting now is to see what "trash items" you need to get rid of so that you can recommit yourself to a successful game plan.

So what "trash items" am I talking about? First emotional trash items. "This year really was terrible and there is so little business out there. There are no new clients out there because the market 'sucks.' I am so far behind on my bills and so far behind in production I can't see getting out of this mess." These emotional beliefs in my mind are simply garbage and have to be thrown out of your mind. Next are "structural trash items." I have always done business this way, yes some changes that I should consider implementing in my business look good but in the end I am going to continue to do business the same way. I am used to living at this level I know I need to cut back and rethink how I can address paying down my debts but I'd rather keep my "head in the sand" and hope that things will just get better. I am comfortable with the amount of time I spend working on new business and staying in touch with my old clients I don't need to restructure my days and put in any more time working.

Right now you have till the rest of the year to do two things: to work as hard as you can to close more deals and to build a base of new business opportunities so that you start the New Year with a solid base of potential new sales. This will require throwing out all of the trash that exists in your mind and restocking your brain with positive outlooks and a business plan that you are committed to following each and every day.
Posted 1 week ago on October 6, 2010
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Re: Time to Throw out the Trash - Year is Ending
Thanks for the nice and reasonable advices about the year ending plans. I searched in Google and found this page, and I am going to share it to friends! Really, what is gone is gone, one cannot change that. So we need to focus ahead, clear the dirt we have had in hands, and start the new year with clear mind and precise goals. After all, we celebrate new year with champagne, not with dirts, right? :)

2010/10/15 by Calvin Thompson wwwReply
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Re: Time to Throw out the Trash - Year is Ending
Thanks . Never has the saying 80% of the fish are caught by 20% of the fisherman ever rung more true than today. Top flight salespeople look ahead and push harder not less in uncertain times to succeed

2010/12/08 by Anonymous • • Reply
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