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Hans Hansson | June 17, 2010

In the current environment, where all aspects of your life from your job to your way of life feel threatened by all of the uncertainty that is out there, the cycle needs to be broken.

Ten years ago my wife attended a Tony Robbins motivational event. Yesterday, in one of my moments worrying about my own uncertainty she reminded me about the one thing she still remembered from attending that event. "When you are ready to walk into a room, grab the door knob and squeeze it tight, open the door and walk in saying to yourself "yes, yes, yes." Sounds corny maybe, but it works. That one positive word can change your mental state so quickly that all of your uncertainty just seems to fade away.

Decisions and directions we choose to take are all based upon "pain and reward". If we are suffering, we either accept more pain and defeat, or we fight it. As salespeople, we have now endured a slow marketplace for over 18 months. Even the best of salespeople, who have survived this long, are tired and would like to see that new rainbow in their world to say good times are really back-not good times are coming.

A lot of salespeople have lost confidence in themselves, instead of reinventing themselves into a new type of "hunter" for business. They have forgotten to go into a room or a situation and say yes. Great salespeople do not know the words "no" or "maybe" they always believe they will get a "yes."

Finally a great salesperson has to remember to keep it light. Laugh a little-laugh a lot. People feel better around people that laugh. Lighten up and you will start getting more "yes's" than "no's."
Posted 9 years, 4 months ago on June 17, 2010
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Re: Say Yes to Yourself and Laugh a Lot
Those are very interesting tips especially for the people who just started in this kind of industry.

2010/08/05 by Investments Vietnam wwwReply
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