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Starboard TCN Worldwide Commercial Real Estate | November 24, 2009

For years mid-Market Street in San Francisco, CA, between 5th and 8th Streets, has been ignored by investors, retailers, developers and real estate brokers. Now, agents Louis Cornejo and Colleen Meharry of Starboard TCN Worldwide Commercial Real Estate are changing this trend. Both brokers have refocused their efforts to bring in tenants and effect change in this underdeveloped area. "I am inspired by the challenge of bringing retailers into neglected areas of the city in order to make these San Francisco neighborhoods viable again," Cornejo stated.

Cornejo and Meharry recently assisted bringing Show Dogs Restaurant to 1020 Market Street and are nearing finalization on a 12,000 square foot restaurant lease at the Warfield Building between the Foreign Cinema restaurant team and building owner David Addington. Addington has been spearheading efforts to improve this area for years.

Prior to the construction of the underground BART/Muni Metro system in the 1970s, this area included major retailers such as JC Penny's, Regal Shoes, Weinstein's Department Store, as well as numerous theatres such as the Saint Francis, and United Artists theatres. The construction of BART and Muni underground essentially caused foot traffic to come to a halt, driving stores from a once thriving retail corridor and leading to years of decay and neglect.

Today through efforts by Starboard TCN agents Louis and Colleen there has been a renewed interest by retailers, office tenants, artists, and restaurants to the area.
Posted 9 years, 11 months ago on November 24, 2009
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