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Hans Hansson | December 8, 2008

With all of the bad economic news the realty is that San Francisco is holding its own as far as commercial real estate leasing is considered. Bottom line there is plenty of tenants looking for office space and there is no sign of a let up.

Starting right after Labor Day until the first week of December it is typically one of the hottest periods in commercial real estate leasing. Tenants planning a year-end move will be out in force trying to secure their deals. Retail tenants hoping to catch the holiday season will also be out in force. Industrial and warehouse tenants looking to spend money on equipment before year end will also be out in force.

So far the office, retail and industrial markets have remained pretty consistent throughout the year. Overall office vacancy rates in San Francisco continue to hold around 7% the same as in January.

For our firm we have already experienced a strong June, July and August after a weak April and May. Based upon deals in the pipeline the rest of the year is very optimistic.

The beauty of our business is that we reflect the economy in general. If people are seeking commercial space, particularly new firms, that signals good economic times.

Let the new positive economic cycle begin. It feels like a good end of the year.
Posted 2 days, 1 hour ago on December 8, 2008
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Re: It Feels Like a Good End of the Year
If you go through realty blogs then you will find many successful realtors not only confirming of a good end of year but measurable progress in year 2009.

2008/12/16 by Daniel wwwReply
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Re: It Feels Like a Good End of the Year
I agree with Daniel. At Buyers Advantage Group, we are hopeful that the economy will turn around. Too often it is reported that real estate is suffering everywhere, when this is not entirely true. Raleigh real estate has seen better days but is still doing ok. Consumer confidence needs to increase before we'll see any significant changes in the ways that people are spending their money on homes.

2008/12/17 by Buyers Advantage Group Realty wwwReply
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Re: It Feels Like a Good End of the Year
I don't quite agree with all this as I did not see the progress I expected at the start of 2008, but congrats to those that managed to get good success this year, I hope 2009 will turn things around for me and all those that had rough year.

2008/12/25 by Robert wwwReply
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