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Hans Hansson | November 4, 2008

As local politicians pat themselves on the back at solving the problem of providing health care of the non-insured they are turning deaf ears to local businesses that are near bankruptcy as a result of the measure.

San Francisco decided to throw the entire burden of providing health care on the backs of business. Since larger businesses already provide health care to their employees specifically this cost has fallen entirely on small businesses.

The impact one year later is starting to be nothing short of devastating. Large and small restaurants throughout the city are closing up all over town leaving neighborhoods and downtown districts with gapping signs of business failures and "for lease signs" in their windows. In addition numerous other restaurants are no longer profitable and are ready to fold. Even the most successful restaurateurs are now seeking new locations outside of San Francisco because they can no longer make it in the city.

Add the rising cost of food, a slow economy and rising fuel costs to this health care tax and you have small businesses facing an absolute no win situation. If they pass all of these costs to the consumer the consumer is simply unable to pay the price and will not buy.

An example is a recent dinner experience at one of our favorite restaurants. Typically taking out my family of four we usually ran a tab of $40-$50.00 now its $70-$80.00 for the same meal. The effect is starting to show. Where we typically would have to wait at least a half hour for a table now we can simply walk in.

Unfortunately our politicians, particularly the ones seeking higher office, are using this health care imitative more to give them a political gain then to truly look after the best interests of our city. If these businesses continue to go out of business more people will be out of work, less taxes will be paid and the overall effect of this health care initiative will be far more costly than it's worth. It's time for us all to voice our objection to this now before it is too late.
Posted 11 years, 1 month ago on November 4, 2008
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Re: The Effects of San Francisco Health Care Tax on San Francisco Businesses
Visiting from out of town, went and had Fish and Chips on the Wharf. Got the bill.....Health Tax....oh ya, we are in California, I am sure it some wacky thing the state thought it is the city.......You have to be kidding.....Punish the businesses for health care issues....I am sure the city of San Francisco is closing more restaurants with this brain fart than they imagine. Nice place to visit, beautiful, just run by people with WAY to much time on their hands. Heck what do they have to worry about, nice government pension and good health care for themselves....what if they had to work for it.

2008/11/18 by Mike M • • Reply
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Re: The Effects of San Francisco Health Care Tax on San Francisco Businesses
We live within a half hour of SF, but rarely go there for dinner, etc., since the parking and general prices there are getting more than I care to spend. Nevertheless, we had dinner at Fisherman's Wharf recently. When the bill came with this "HEALTH TAX" on the bill, I was less than pleased. The waitress was nice enough about it when I asked what it was for, and we paid the bill and left.

The more I think about it, though, the more I think it was the restaurant's way of protesting the tax by making sure its patrons (most of whom I would assume are NOT residents of San Francisco) knew what was going on.

**SIGH** another reason to stay away from SF. I do feel for businesses trying to make it in the city. It is a real pity that a place that professes to be anti-corporation, pro-people does things like this which, as Mr. Hansson has noted above, are doing the exact opposite of their "goals".

2008/12/01 by Scott S • • Reply
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