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Hans Hansson | March 24, 2008

As a salesperson you will have good days and bad. Some days everything is clicking and sales are coming in, other days everything that you have been working on falls apart and you feel like nothing you do is working.

Years ago I had a particularly bad day. My largest deal had fallen apart and the next phone call was to find out that a deal I just closed was now in trouble as well, it really seemed like I could do nothing right. A broker friend of mine came over and he proceeded to tell me he just lost his biggest deal of his career but instead of being down he looked at me and said you know what good brokers do with they are having a bad day? You go to lunch he said, "lets go".

We decided not to only go to lunch but do something entirely different. We ended up at a Disney Store and had bought our kids some coloring books. On the way back to the office as we were going up the elevator holding our Mickey Mouse bags, my broker friend announces loudly "oh boy" really looking forward to an afternoon of coloring! Everyone in the elevator kind of froze but he and I just starting laughing uncontrollably.

When we got back to the office we felt totally relaxed and ready to go. The first call revived my big deal that I had lost and the next call developed into a new client.

Anytime you are locked into a tough situation or cannot figure something out, the best thing to do is take a break. My son in college called me up last week stuck on a homework project. He was not happy, he felt frozen and could not come up with any answers and was becoming very frustrated. This of course started the floodgates of everything that was going wrong in his life. I quickly told him, stop what you are doing right now and go take a swim. He said, "Swim, it's 19 degrees outside." I said, "Yes but there is a pool in the gym, go now."

He did and guess what? When he got back his mind was clear and ideas started flowing again.

Breaking your state of mind by doing something totally out of character or something you had not done in awhile is pretty basic, yet so many times we continue to try to grind it out getting more and more frustrated as things continue not to work out. So remember next time you are in a "bad mood," deals are falling apart and the world looks like it is collapsing around you think about going to lunch and maybe do a little coloring.
Posted 11 years, 9 months ago on March 24, 2008
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Re: When Things Go Bad- Go to Lunch
LOL... good advice. We are most effective when we take the time to clear our minds.

2008/05/11 by Milan Cole wwwReply
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